November 20th, 2016 – First Post

Today I posted my iPhone 5c for sale on craigslist. I ate a house-made Steamed bun with venison and quail egg and juniper berry. Also a small 2oz cedar tea.

I met with Briana on her lunch break and I sang along with “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds with at least 95% accuracy in regards to pitch, and with 100% to lyrics, which goes without saying.

I took an additional Steamed bun home and am prepared to reheat it for Briana to try, since she’s been at work all day. Just look at how thoughtful I am.

I have a slight headache at the moment. I may have had too much water. Apparently that’s possible. This is just one reason why there is no god.


p.s. For your sake and mine I hope I get better at blogging.


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I am barista living in San Marcos, Texas. I often play music with friends, write stories, read stories, draw pictures and look at pictures. I also greatly enjoy video games, movies, shows, and comic books. I also, generally, do not use correct punctuation unless I know people might read what I write.

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